Let us introduce you to the artisans of our estate. Passionate people with a good heart.

Denis Paradis

Denis Paradis


Living on passions, Denis invests his all into everything he undertakes. Legal training. Innovative and bold. He loves the vineyard he developed.

Marie-Florence Crevier-Paradis

Marie-Florence Crevier-Paradis

General Manager

Psychology and communications training. Passion for the local business, the team and the values conveyed. Since she grew up with the vineyard, she proudly puts in her fair share and develops a promising future. She firmly believes in the family succession and the strength of the team! Favourite product: Le Stanbridge!

Julien Lavallee

Julien F. Lavallée


Attorney who does not practice much law.
Natural wine and biodynamics enthusiast (we’re getting there!)

Serge Boivin

Serge Boivin

Finance Manager

Education: Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.), HEC, 35 years experience in business. “Supporting the development of the vineyard is a source of motivation for me.”

Lise-Anne Cotton

Lise-Anne Cotton

Event and Entertainment Coordinator

Education: Tourism Techniques. “From the very first day, I fell in love with this little piece of heaven. I love to greet tourists at the estate and share the history of the vineyard. Despite my admiration for the whole range of products, I have a fondness for Québec’s best red: l’Honorable!”


Chantal Allaire

Accounting Technician

Education: Attestation of college studies (AEC) in accounting and management. “Boasting extensive experience as a self-employed worker, I am very happy to translate my knowledge into the vineyard’s environment since 2019. Epicurean and wine enthusiast, I find my work at the vineyard to be an opportunity to make interesting discoveries. And what can I say about the site, which is simply stunning... A must-see!”


Nathalie Décoste

Accounts Clerk

Passionate about decoration and events, Nathalie also provides support in accounting. “There’s no more beautiful sight when you get to work than to see these wonderful trails leading to the vineyard. The site just looks fabulous for a ceremony or a party!”


Valérie Martin

Administrative Assistant

Education: Bachelor degree in literature and translation. Valérie moved from the city to the vineyard to work in her native region, after 18 years of absence. She offers administrative support to every team member. “I couldn’t expect a better workplace, in the centre of nature, where routine is not part of my everyday life.”

Samuel Viau

Samuel Viau

Cellar Master

Education: Diploma of college studies (DEC) in tourism. Samuel oversees the wine production process: he manages the reception of the harvest, and the operations before, during and after the fermentation, he gives the instructions for winemaking, and he monitors the evolution of the product until its bottling. “Domaine du Ridge allowed me to develop a passion for wine. I had a great mentor who shared his knowledge and taught me the ropes.”

Isaniel Clairoux

Isaniel Clairoux

Designer and Cellar Assistant

Education: Bachelor degree in environmental design. Isaniel contributes greatly to the brand image and has been taking part in the harvest for several years. “I spent the most beautiful moments of my life right here. A lovely place to work, and to get married, especially.”


Denis Ouellette

Field Advisor

Formerly a test bench engineer at Pratt & Whitney, retired since 2013, Denis joined the group in 2003 as an investor. Up until 2013, he would spend his two-week annual vacation time helping us in peak periods, that is during spring, at field opening, and during fall, for the harvest. Once his career was over with his employer, his presence at the vineyard became more and more frequent. We give him the task of implementing new plants (over 100,000 grape vines in 8 parcels), and mechanizing the operations in the fields and in the cellar. “The vineyard is my playground. I am passionate about wine, from growing the raw product to tasting. Cheers!”

Agnès Klimkiewicz

Agnès Klimkiewicz

Harvest Master

“Wine is one of the most natural products in the world, and one of the most perfected. Here, where we try to combine nature and perfection, I do my best to get the most out of the season and the grapes. Good grapes make good wine. An outstanding wine emerges when we did all we could to get the best out of the vineyard.”


Guy Larose

Harvest Technician

Jack of pretty much all trades. “Latest addition to the permanent staff, curious by nature, I assist the Harvest Master in her functions with great interest. I do a bit of everything at the vineyard. That’s what I like about working here: all the tasks I accomplish, as diverse as they may be, all in a natural and charming environment. Since I started working here, I cancelled my gym subscription and my Spanish teacher. Now I have eight nice Guatemalan teachers! My favourite wine at the vineyard: since I am a red wine enthusiast, I choose l’Honorable. My favourite quote: ‘Every smart man orders a wine that women like’.”


Brigitte Allard


Pierre Langevin










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