Les Petites Cuvées – Seyval/Vidal

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At the end of the harvest, we gather and taste all the wines, most of which have not quite finished their fermentation. This year, we played with blending and tasting. The result? Little gems like this one that combine the pear aromas of Vidal with the pineapple and peach notes of Seyval Blanc.

Samuel, the Cellar Master, then refined the idea and selected the cuvées that stood out for the quality of the grapes received during the harvest.

It’s truly teamwork at the heart of this small batch. Meticulous work in the fields, a very cold and well-controlled fermentation, a touch of celebration, and the finesse of the master as the finale.

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13 %

750 ml

Sugar content
6.4 g/L

Grape variety
Seyval blanc and Vidal

Pineapple, peach, and pear

Summer salad and Sushi

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